Sunnybag CARE

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Sunnybag CARE offers you a free replacement even in case of improper handling. This package leaves you carefree while using you SUNNYBAG - for up to two years. With this extended warranty, you can resume generating solar energy quickly in case something happened to your SUNNYBAG.

Sunnybag CARE can be activated directly at purchase or up to 14 days afterwards.

No matter what happened to your SUNNYBAG, just send us your broken SUNNYBAG and we will send you a new one straight away. Shipping is free of charge in Germany and Austria. In other countries our usual shipping costs apply.

The Sunnybag CARE warranty period changes depending on the product value. The free exchange is possible once within the following periods:

Quality Assurance
Compared to conventional solar panels, the SUNPOWER cells used by SUNNYBAG have a significantly higher efficiency - that is 22.4%. To guarantee this high quality we check the performance of every single panel before shipping it. The test certificate is enclosed with your SUNNYBAG and shows you the maximum power point and the exact test day and time. That way you can be sure that your SUNNYBAG lives up to its promise to reliably charge your devices with renewable energy.
Optional power bank
Our power banks were specifically designed for charging with solar energy. They are the perfect intermediate storage for the clean energy of the sun. Two out of our three models are equipped with optimized power management (OPF technology) which enables simultaneous recharging and discharging. That means that you can install a SUNNYBAG power bank in between a solar panel and your smartphone. The power bank stores the varying solar energy efficiently and steadily delivers it to your smartphone. This is the most efficient way to use your SUNNYBAG.
Thanks to the new charging time display, no questions remain unanswered. The different colors on the LED display indicate how much power is being generated at the moment and how long it will take to charge a smartphone under these conditions. That is essential because the power output may vary considerably due to cloudy weather or changing orientation towards the sun. The Power Indication Color helps to understand and get the most out of your LEAF PRO.